Could i be a 26C bra size?

Our bras are returnable/exchangeable within 30 days, as long as the tags are still attached and the bra unworn and unwashed. For U.S. orders, return and exchange shipping is free. Underwear must be unworn, with tags attached, in order to be eligible for exchange .

I have had to go down below a 30" band in my bra's and it has fixed the problem. Women, Lingerie, and Sexuality. Clothing and Fashion Encyclopedia. And that as soon as I know more, or find out other details, or new companies with options for us 26 backs, I will post to this blog for sure. I have a question for you regarding sizing for this brand.

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Using your current bra size as a starting point, refer to the chart below to refine your fit. Bra sizes that share a row are called sister sizes. Move across the chart if neither your cup or band fit, and move up/down the chart if your cups don’t fit.
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Even within a single country, one study found that the bra label size was consistently different from the measured size. As a result, about 25% of women have a difficult time finding a properly fitted bra. Some women choose to buy custom-made bras due to the unusual size or shape of their breasts.

Using your current bra size as a starting point, refer to the chart below to refine your fit. Bra sizes that share a row are called sister sizes. Move across the chart if neither your cup or band fit, and move up/down the chart if your cups don’t fit.

The UK uses the inch-system, this means that the difference in chest circumference between the cup sizes is always one inch, or 2. Leading brands and manufacturers including Panache, Bestform, Gossard, Freya, Curvy Kate , Bravissimo and Fantasie, which use the British standard band sizes , and so on. However, some clothing retailers and mail order companies have their own house brands and use a custom sizing system.

As a result, their J-Cup is equal to a British standard H-cup. Their H-Cup is roughly equal to a British standard G-cup. Cup labelling methods and sizing schemes are inconsistent and there is great variability between brands. This has introduced further sizing scheme confusion that is poorly understood even by specialist retailers.

Bra-sizing in the United States is very similar to the United Kingdom. Band sizes use the same designation in inches and the cups also increase by 1-inch-steps. However, some manufacturers use conflicting sizing methods. D1, D2, D3, D4, D In , underwear maker Jockey International offered a new way to measure bra and cup size.

It introduced a system with ten cup sizes per band size that are numbered and not lettered, designated as , etc. The company developed the system over eight years, during which they scanned and measured the breasts and torsos of women. Researchers also tracked the women's use of their bras at home. In very large cup sizes this causes smaller cups than their English counterparts.

This system has been standardized in the European dress size standard EN introduced in , but was in use in many European countries before that date. They increase in steps of 2. Japanese sizes are the same as Korean ones, but the cup labels begin with "AA" for a 7. The French and Spanish system is a permutation of the Continental European sizing system.

Since it starts with size 0 for European size 60, the conversion consists of a division by 5 and then a subtraction of The size designations are often given in Roman numerals. Cup sizes have traditionally used a step size of 2.

Manufacturers' marketing and advertising often appeals to fashion and image over fit, comfort, and function. English mechanical engineer and professor John Tyrer from Loughborough University has devised a solution to problematic bra fit by re-engineering bra design Loughborough University.

He started investigating the problem of bra design while on assignment from the British government after his wife returned disheartened from an unsuccessful shopping trip.

He theorised that this widespread practice of purchasing the wrong size was due to the measurement system recommended by bra manufacturers. This sizing system employs a combination of maximum chest diameter under bust and maximum bust diameter bust rather than the actual breast volume which is to be accommodated by the bra.

According to Tyrer, "to get the most supportive and fitted bra it's infinitely better if you know the volume of the breast and the size of the back. It's an instrument of torture. The average breast weighs about 0. If a cup is a hemisphere, its volume V is given by the following formula: If the cup is an hemi- ellipsoid , its volume is given by the formula: Cups give a hemi-spherical shape to breasts and underwires give shape to cups.

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Retrieved 16 May Archived from the original on 29 March Retrieved 11 September Archived from the original on 5 January Retrieved 26 April Archived from the original on 31 March Retrieved 31 March Archived from the original on 19 March There are online bra stores that sell 26 band sizes for cup sizes C and down so you could try to find one there.

Yes you did the measurements perfectly, although if you are used to wearing a loose band size you may want to try a 28B before you try the 26C. Most websites have a good return policy on their bras so you could always order one and then send it back but if you walk into any professional lingerie store where they sell 28 band sizes you can try some on to find the perfect size for you. Places like VS and LaSenza still do this today because they want to make their customers fit their bras not their bras fit their customers.

The modern method is to take the under bust as the band size and subtract the band size from the bust measurement to get the cup size.

A bra size calculator that does this can be found here at http: The perfect band size is one that you can only fit two fingers under at the back and the perfect cup one that fits your larger breast and doesn't cause any bulges. Here is how to take your measurements so that you don't have to check the video and so that you took them correctly because there are many variations on the proper way to measure for a bra and this is the one I find to be the most accurate.

Subtract your band size from this number the number you just calculated is your cup size for that band size, round normally to the closest whole number. I have never ever seen a 26c in my whole 22 years of life. Is thAt even a real size?

The smallest c cup ive seen is a You can also be fitted at lingerie boutiques like Victoria's Secret or Lane Bryant. Fitting for a bra is not as easy as it looks and you need to have an actual bra fitter do it for you. Yes u can, but because smaller bands are so rare you'll have to find a bra size that fits you well, I'm a 26DD.. I have a 26 in band and 31 in bust Now that my ribs are sticking out more, I need to be all that more careful of my fit. Thanks for the reviews!

I've been thinking about ordering EM for some time, but their sizing is confusing. Hi; Thanks you for answer; I think, that our apperance in difference bra sizes depends on our posture, so standing stright is very important, when you will compare sth. I can wear the same bra and looks totaly different, because of my posture Look at this photos: But it's not real diccerence, only seamless, a mistake.

Alladyna, What does that matter? Everyone knows that posture makes us look different. However, a good bra, when you are a chesty lady helps you to improve your posture as it balances out the weight on your front! The blog author is talking about being more comfortable and well supported. I think you are missing the point of the review Also, different bras in the same size shape breasts in different ways.

Some make me look well rounded at the top, others flatter. This does not change if the bra is comfortable or not, it just changes how I look in the bra. OK, I have decided My next bra purchase will be from Ewa Michalak! I have been mulling over this and perusing her website for quite awhile. Thank you for the very thorough review, sizing information and detailed pictures. Also, a few questions about special ordering: How long did it take for your order to arrive from Poland?

I am in New York State. And was there any issue with ordering a larger cup size than is currently available in those styles, in addition to the smaller band size? I think I will order in my regular band size of 34, but several styles that I really like are only made up to a G or GG cup, and I would need them in a HH.

Do you think that is possible? How did you figure out that they special order 26 and 24 bands? There is also only one 28 on the site, does that need to be special ordered too? And how do you know which models are available to be special ordered in your band? You have to email the shop and as them if they could make the style you want in your size. But remember that you can't return these bras. Comfort and support don't always show. Especially when a person stands still: So why the photos if they don't add anything?

Leah- They mentioned the 26 and 24 to me themselves, when I wrote to them after trying 28 and told them it did not fit. As for which models, all of them, unless they are end of collection or special edition, in which case they might not have the materials to make them special.

You just have to ask. AL- I do believe that the photos show something, or else I would not have put them. However, they cannot possibly tell the whole story, the other part of which is comfort. Brittany - I've been reading your blog for a while, and I really enjoy it. I was beginning to wonder about the Ewa bras - I'm glad the 26 works for you - you're standing tall and proud.

I have a 26" ribcage, and you have helped me on my way to my "brapiphany. Anna- whoops, sorry, I missed your comment before. They took about a month or so for Ewa's team to make, but then only about 10 days to ship- I know that's a long time total but I think it's worth it.

As for cup size, their bras are available up to a bigger cup size for each smaller band size. So something might be available in 34G max, then 32GG max, then 30H Does that make sense? You would have to write them and ask if they could make the styles you want, but the answer might be no, because I think some styles aren't suited to the amount of support that cup size needs, so they won't make them.

But it definitely can't hurt to ask. I hope that helps! Nice to see that you are finally happy with your bras.

I first came across you blog when you bought your first BiuBiu clothes the've got beautifull dresses at the moment - I'm going to buy Summer City myself soon: Though, however happy you are, I'm also a bit suspicious. I know Effuniaks - they are really quite tight. I love tight bands myself, I'm definitely more on the tight side than Alladyna, but Out of curiosity - do you exhale the air before you measure your underbust?

If not, this could explain some misunderstandings: And one final remark, to the ladies who want to defend Britanny from Alladyna - there is no need. Alladyna is a part of a bigger bra-fitting community www. Too big cups and too tight bands. I think more than one person could find Alladyna's advice useful. She's got amazing experience with well-fitted bras. You have to measure as tightly as possible. My normal also tight! The latter is the one you type into the Ewa Calculator.

I've been meaning to comment forever, Brittany. I love the pictures you posted, and knowing that someone as particular as you recommends this brand gives me confidence to recommend it to others.

Allydina, I appreciate your raising the point about posture because I wondered about it as well. Katia, Why the word suspicious? What would Brittany have to gain by not being honest?

She is not selling anything Perhaps people are defending Brittany because the tone sounds a bit unpleasant in some of the posts, rather than supportive or questioning? I think there are many important factors in measuring! I have never measured as tightly as possibly, nor do I add to my measurement. I try to have my bra's fit on the loosest setting when they are new.

I also think the weight of the breasts, as well as the shape are important here. If the breasts are very heavy, they will slide under a band that is too loose and pinch on a band that is slightly too big. In this situation the right fit becomes very important.

I think this is what Brittany has experienced. Ladies with lighter breasts can probably have a bit more flexibility. No person should be talking about bands that are tight enough to cause pain!!! That is obviously too tight and defeats the purpose. Just because many women wear bands that are too loose certainly doesn't mean that bands which are uncomfortably small become a good idea!

That is just plain silly! Obviously, using some sense and finding the balance you need given that you are all individuals with different needs, shapes and sensitivities! This blog is about supporting women in this search. It is stated to use ideas as a starting point So, I would say I find it very helpful, but do wish some of the posters would adjust their tone. This is a safe place to get ideas, opinions and help. Be supportive and kind towards other women including the lady who writes the blog!

That is better for everyone. I think that the debate about posture is an interesting one, though I never meant for it to become as much of a focus as it seems to have. I would just like to emphasize, however: I would NEVER falsify images, consciously change my posture to make things look different, or intentionally lie to my readers in any way.

Personally, I think the images look similar and Allydina, it seems you based your perception of my posture on where my arm is in the photos. If you tried placing lines at the small of my back and then touching the shoulderblade, I think they would look almost the same. So maybe that is a big part of what we are seeing here?

Regardless, the photos are only one small part of what I wrote, and I would love more discussion on the rest of my review. Brittany needs unusually tight bands, when compared to a very large group of Ewa Michalak's bras' users. That makes some people doubt that she really needs them that tight to feel supported.

Katia wanted to ask how Brittany measures herself, because the answer might explain a lot. I wouldn't pick on her choice of words. Mind that some people here are not native speakers of English and might not sense semantic nuances and undertones. I don't think that she had an intention of attacking anyone. And for the record, I don't question the fit of Brittany's bras.

Al, I think the fit questions are good and clarifying. I lived in another culture as a child So, I think being careful with words is a good idea. Glad to hear it is a language barrier issue and not some of the strange stuff one see's on the internet these days!

Al- That is a good point about the wording of a non-native speaker. I think Alladyna might want to know that what she said came across in a way she did not mean, however. It also feels a bit like she is determined to prove that my bras don't fit! I think we should all do our best to keep this discussion supportive. As for the measuring- I do not think that I am measuring quite as snug as the girls in Poland do.

I measure snug, but not as tight as possible and not exhaling. I think this may be a big reason for the discrepancy in opinions here. I can see a huge difference in how the 26 band fits you and I'm really glad that you have found relief from the blisters, ouch! I have found that Ewa Michalak bras are extremely well made and very supportive. I think I'm hooked and won't buy from any other brand. However, the length when stretched of the ewa michalak is much less than those other bras.

The ewa michalak bands feel tighter when I wear them, which is great for me because I am in between a 30 and a 32 so the ewa michalak 32 band is just right. Smaller bands stretch less than larger bands, so you would notice the difference in stretchiness of the ewa michalak bras more in a size 32 than you would in a 28, and larger band sizes will notice the less strechy material of an ewa michalak band even more, so I think that's why they might have a reputation of being tight.

I hope this explanation is making sense. I will check that out and compare my bra's! Brittany, it's great that you found right bras for yourself. But if I can share my experience, I also had similar problems.

I have 66cm underbust and to feel the proper fit I needed 28 bands in Panache bras. However, they all looked like the one in your note here: And consequently, much of the length of the band is "taken" by the cups and the actual band is really short but it still can ride up at the back! I hope what I wrote is understandable; This phenomenon we girls in Poland call "wrapping yourself around with the cups": I don't know if any girl from Poland linked it here, but there's a girl who has lingerie blog too and, although most of you are not Polish speakers, looking at the photos will be enough to understand the problem.

And for clarity, it's not my intention here to question your fitting Brittany but I just wanted to share what we girls in Poland came to. You may want to compare the underwires in EM and other brands. They are not only wider but also longer and often stab in the armpit. And if you measure the proportion cups vs. As this blog's aim is to share experience,I hope my post will be helpful to someone and I want to highlight that I wrote about myself and I'm not denying Brittany's need for bands smaller than Anonymous- Thanks for the link!

I do appreciate what you are trying to say. I at one point had 28's altered for me and it made them fit even worse, i think because the underwires were already making that triangle and then removing fabric from the bands just made that so much worse. This is one of the things I like about EM bras, Ewa pays attention to details like that and I think that is why the fit is so good I have gotten some online British friends of various sizes to try them, too, and they all love them as well!

As per the snugness, I will just mention that I did indeed try the EM 60 band, for several months even, and it was definitely too big. Thanks again for sharing your experience! Well, I'm defintely not a native speaker of English. But I hope I know what suspicious means. At least, I know what it means in my own idiolect: Ewa is a great designer and her bras do wonders.

I would rather suspect her of being wrong. Or, I'd rather should say that I am a bit doubtful: In Poland the good technique is as following: That's not a question of personal preferences — that is how the manufacturers such as Ewa Michalak or Comexim another good Polish brand expect you to measure yourself.

My tight measurement is 77cm and loose one cm. When I type these figures into Effuniak's bra size calculator , I am advised to buy a bra which has a band nominally 75cm long more or less, size 34 in the USA or UK. However, if I measured myself only loosely, the caltulator would make a mistake and I would buy a band 80 36 bra that wouldn't be definitely tight enough for me: If Britanny doesn't measure herself this way, it's no wonder she and the girls from Poland have different opinions on how to fit a proper band size in case of Effuniak bras: And, Britanny, if it comes to altering, I think you can risk it in case of Effuniaks.

The underwires are not flexible and they are rather narrow. I had two of my Effuniaks altered and they fit great: Yet, I'm only 34E, so defintely my case could be different: On the other hand, when I altered Panache Harmony, the result was awful. What size would I need? I'm not sure how this works quite yet. I haven't bought any bras that actually fit me before. If you wrote in the calculator right measurements then the result given by the calculator should be fine.

The calculator gives accurate results in most cases if one takes measurements in the right way. Try on all the bras, keep the one that fits the best, and return all the others.

I know that's a lot of bras to order at once, but if you don't have an excellent lingerie store near you where you can try on a lot of bras in your size, it's the best alternative. If none of the bras that you ordered fit, you may need a bigger or smaller size than the size range you ordered, or more likely, you picked a bra that was incompatible with the shape of your breasts. For me personally, the calculator on this site predicts I will be a 30G.

The calculator on EM predicts I will be a 32F. So for me the EM calculator was perfectly accurate, but your size could vary from what the calculator predicts depending on the shape of your breasts. It's all very confusing and the best way to find your true size is to try on a lot of bras. I do not know of anyone in the U. Typical is to measure loosely, then add 4 inches. I got a good fit by measuring, not tightly, but snugly and not adding inches.

I have never heard of exhaling and doing it so tightly. I am sure that would alter the fit quite a bit. The way I do it, the band I am trying to order should fit nicely on the loosest hook.

I have only ordered one bra which had really vastly different sizing and may have been a mistake and as the cups fit a bra extender worked perfectly. There seems to be a lot of variation in the way people measure! Hi Emily, A store would be great! I am short petite, people like to call it! Otherwise the underwire is too big for my frame. So, that would make all the difference in the world to me in terms of comfort.

Do you have a store near you? I am SO willing to drive for a good store with a variety of sizes! It makes such a difference in my comfort, how my figure looks, my posture The measurement method described by me works specifically for Ewa Michalak's bras.

EM design her bras with this mmeasurement method in mind and the sizes differ from those in other brands. Hi Brit i saw that you talked a lot of the Band size not so much about the Cup size. When you picked out the bra did you use UK sizing? Hi Angela- Yes, the cups are exactly the same as UK sizing. Ewa's cups also tend to be a bit narrower better proportioned for narrow backs and shorter good for petite or high-breasted women compared to most. Sorry for the confusion, I hope that helped!

Oh, and Zoe- I meant to say that I loved your explanation of the stretchiness, that made a lot of sense! The 2 bras I compared above did seem to stretch about the same, but sadly I couldn't figure out how to post a photo- I would have needed several extra hands! Does that sounds right? That's why women with large underbust measurements don't always need large band sizes, because bigger bands strech more.

Venusian glow explains this phenomenon pretty well here: Brittany - I definitely need to try this brand! Your pictures aren't slouched or distorted in any way and the rediculous 'diagram' is clearly utter tripe - the 'lines' used to show your 'slouch' in some pics arent even touching - what a sad loser with too much time on their hands.

Your post is fabulous x. Anonymous - you say: In European countries, the band 65, 70, 75 etc seems to supposedly be what you roughly measure tightly in centimetres. They can't both be a literal translation of what you measure, but from experience, I know the UK way is correct. However, a 30 inched ribcage should never wear a 34 inch bra - this adds an extra 4 inches which would mean it is simply not tight enough. From the sounds of it, the Polish women on here would think this to be correct But it's simply not.

Where to find 26 and 24 band bras, and a review of Ewa Michalak/Effuniak So, I know a lot of you are wondering about the Ewa Michalak bras I ordered a while ago in a 26 band. I had mentioned in this post that Ewa Michalak (also known as Effuniak) was rumored to have very tight bands, so tight that their size 60/28 was more like a Using your current bra size as a starting point, refer to the chart below to refine your fit. Bra sizes that share a row are called sister sizes. Move across the chart if neither your cup or band fit, and move up/down the chart if your cups don’t fit. Our bras are returnable/exchangeable within 30 days, as long as the tags are still attached and the bra unworn and unwashed. For U.S. orders, return and exchange shipping is free. Underwear must be unworn, with tags attached, in order to be eligible for exchange .