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The children's costume colouring-in pages in this section, reflect the variety of clothes styles that girls mostly wore through the Regency, Victorian and Edwardian eras. My thanks for use of images to UK seller Jon Edgson of Fashion Books where you will find a continuous and varying collection of fashion history, costume history or textile.

Go back Start shopping. The belt allowed some level of adjustment and neat fit, depending on the layers underneath. These ladies vests and underbust harnesses look amazing over billowy blouses, emphasizing your trim figure. As ropes and braids were originally handmade, early Victorian uniforms featured galloon and embroidery.

Pinafore only - Black Dress and Bonnet Hat sold seperately. A child's white smock pinafore was a standard piece of Victorian children's clothing and can be worn over any dress to create a classic Victorian Girl look. This pinafore has very pretty lace which stands up around the arms lending any costume the look of The Railway Children.
The Victorian era was an interesting time for boys and girls fashion. Victorian children’s clothing for middle and upper classes were smaller versions of adult clothing .
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Victorian Era Men's Boot with Spat Covering Socks, Gloves and Pocket Watch Chains Socks, or “hosiery”, came with ribbed tops and almost as many patterns as current male dress socks.
Children's Costume History Colouring in Pictures of Mid Victorian C19 th Children Fashions. These costume colouring in pictures reflect the variety of clothes styles girls mostly wore.
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Victorian Children Clothing: Boy's s Fashions The s offered a variety of outfits designed for the growing boy. Each style had its purpose and a specific age requirement.

Regency, Victorian and Edwardian girls all wore pinafores and smocks to cover up and keep clean their dresses. The volume of decoration of smocks, aprons and pinafores depended on the occasion.

Party aprons being made of fine lace and heavily trimmed were ornate and lavish with embroidery. By the s clothes for children were more relaxed in appearance, but so too were the fashions of adults of that era. As the C19 th moved on, children's fashions were often in imitation of adults, but were never so cumbersome as in previous eras. By the mid Victorian era children's clothes were often featured in fashion magazines and ultimately on fashion plates.

In the early s, as soon as they were running around, girls wore dresses of muslin, dotted Swiss, white percale, lawn and nankeen - a yellow buff coloured fabric from China. Empire line gowns following the fashion of the day were usual. Simple lightweight muslin dress styles with a high cut empire line bodice seam of the early s were worn with a slip. The dress was drawn together with a ribbon or sash just beneath the chest.

These dresses right in the painting called 'The Sisters' circa , are very typical of muslin and fine lawn fashions that adults of the early C19 th wore. This painting is attributed to John Opie to and also John Hoppner to ,.

By fashion conscious elements had crept back into the styles and girls soon looked liked mini adults again. Fashion trimmings returned with a vengeance in the Romantic era. Profuse decoration in the form of ruffles, flounces, and fur trims with the waistline moving down in the same ways as adult dress had, was topped by ornate hats and bonnets. The gigot sleeves of adult women were repeated in the styles of girl's dresses.

This lovely fashion plate right is from a book sold by an antiquarian Fashion Books bookseller Jon Edgson at eBay. This image shows children of and you can see how closely these children look like mini adults of the era.

As children's clothing has evolved over time, so too has kids costumes as you can see here. Today there are many options for consumers to choose when it comes to costumes for children. One great source is Halloween Express.

In the C18th all girls wore floor length gowns. In the early s young girls began to have their skirts shortened. A seventeen and eighteen year girl was considered to be a young lady and wore skirts ground length just like adult women did. Most sixteen year old wore gowns to the ankles, a fourteen year old skirts to the calves, but a 12 year old wore skirts to just below the knee.

Not even the youngest child escaped the wearing of a crinoline supported skirt. By the s those skirts were true crinoline style. They were pushed out with stiff starched petticoats and horsehair crin fabric petticoats in layers.

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